• Enhance Friendship, Progress Together, Enter a New Era


    Enhance Friendship, Progress Together, Enter a New Era

    2017-12-06 Author: Engineering Investigation Department on behalf of Linrui

    ——Extensive study and exchange activities at Shenzhen Water Affairs Planning and Design Institute and Bank of China Shenzhen Luohu Branch

    In order to implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and to take the lead in the new era and promote the new trend of socialism, the purpose is to demonstrate the spiritual outlook of individuals in pursuit of a better life. On December 3, 2017, the Trade Union, the Youth League Committee of the Water Regulations Institute and the Bank of China ( Luohu Branch) held "Yang Youth Association, Reading and Dating Activities" in Bagua Ling and Art Club.


    First, the opening

    First of all, Shenzhen Municipal Water Affairs Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, labor union chairman Gong Yu made an opening statement. Gong wrote his heartfelt words to all young people present to share how to cultivate good workplace habits, and encouraged everyone to have ideals, to take charge, and to release youth. Dreams, writing life chapter!

    Later, Liu Yongli, deputy governor of the Bank of China (Lo Wu Branch), briefly introduced the report of the 19th Congress through 10 key words.

    Subsequently, Dr. Ma Shucheng from Taiwan shared personal experience and introduced the game rules of the event.



    Second, start

    First of all, the young men and women have made a polite introduction to each other and have a basic first impression on both sides.



      Afterwards, Teacher Ma divided everyone into the first and second teams. He shouted out team names and slogans and raised morale, invigorated the people and activated the atmosphere.




    Third, the game ing

    From balloon blowing competitions to the “Protection of the Earth” competition, from the “dumping experiments” to the ballooning competitions to the final “love and bread” debate, the atmosphere of the entire process was very lively. Everyone was fully involved in the game. The excitement of the game, the teamwork, and the trust of the team members reached the keynote of this event - "enhance friendship, progress together, and enter a new era."


     IV. Awards and Closing


      In the end, Gong Shuji and Liu Xingchang made brief comments on the event, awarded prizes to the captains of the first and second teams, and pushed the active atmosphere to the climax through the game of “Maimui Makeup”. After that, they took a photo with them and left their best memories. The event was a success!


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