• Good news, the water conservancy company's labor union won the honorary title of “advanced”


    Good news, the water conservancy company's labor union won the honorary title of “advanced employee home”

    2017-12-18 Author: Yang Yanfang

    Recently, the Trade Union of the Water Regulations Company was awarded the title of “Advanced Home for Workers” by the unions of Shenzhen institutions and public institutions. This is the first time since the establishment of the company's trade unions that this company has won this honor. It is the result of the joint efforts of all employees of the company, and is also the union of the higher level trade unions. Full affirmation of work.


      All along, the company’s trade unions have given full play to their functional roles, created a united and uplifting cultural atmosphere, cared for employees’ lives, and effectively solved the difficulties encountered by employees in their work and life. Continuously enhance the vitality of the trade union organization, revitalize the life of employees, and carry out various kinds of cultural and sports activities, which greatly enhance the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of all employees.



    The company’s trade unions will use the title of “advanced homes for employees” as an opportunity to continue to respond to the demands of higher-level trade unions and company party committees, firmly grasp the correct direction of trade union work, earnestly fulfill basic duties of rights protection, and vigorously strengthen trade unions’ own construction in an effort to deepen the unions. The “Home of Staff”, which is trusted by the employees, condenses the hearts of the entire staff and mobilizes all staff to create a bright future for the company.


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