• The company's river-based R&D team went to Chengdu to participate in the “2018 Intelligent Water


    The company's river-based R&D team went to Chengdu to participate in the “2018 Intelligent Water Conservancy and Hejiang Long-Tech Innovation Summit Forum”

    2018-02-08 Author: Zhang Tao Information Technology

    On January 19-21, 2018, the “Intelligent Water Conservancy and Rivers Changjiang Science and Technology Innovation Summit Forum and the Second Meeting of the First Council of the Intelligent Water Conservancy Union” were held in Chengdu. From the leaders of the river basin agencies, provincial and municipal water conservancy departments (bureaus), Hechang Office, hydrology and water resources bureau, information center, environmental protection, residence construction, rivers and lakes, reservoir management bureaus, water conservancy survey and design institutes, water conservancy More than 200 leading expert representatives from many outstanding enterprises and institutions such as the Research Institute of Science, universities, and related technology product holders attended the conference.


     On this forum, the R&D team of our company's R&D team learned the experience of building the river system in all parts of the country, and preached the Internet + river-based wisdom management and control platform developed by our institute and received enthusiastic response.



    Through this learning exchange, the R&D team of Kawasaki will further improve the R&D ideas, improve the construction of the river length system, and create an informatization application system for rivers that has Shenzhen characteristics.


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