• Vice President Wang Jian accompanied the Municipal River Management Center and the City


    Vice President Wang Jian accompanied the Municipal River Management Center and the City Construction Management Center to investigate the boundary river

    2018-02-26 Author: Lu Hongkai

    On February 24, Deputy General Manager Wang Jian accompanied the director of the Municipal River Management Center, Chen Chunhao, and the Deputy Director of the Municipal Water Construction Management Center, Ning Zhongyi, to conduct an on-site investigation of the improvement project of the Bijie River water environment, and inspected the sewage lifting pump station and management room successively. , sluice and drainage pumping stations and other key buildings. The careful analysis and explanation of the deputy general manager of Wang Jian was approved by the director Chen Chunhao and the deputy director of Ning Zhongyi, and they promptly eliminated their suspicions on most of the issues. Afterwards, the parties held a brief meeting in the project department and had an active discussion on the project handover time, process, as-built drawings and other issues, which laid a good foundation for the completion of the upcoming project and the smooth handover of the project.

    The Municipal River Management Center attached great importance to the handover of the project. As early as February 7, Director Chen Chunhao and his team visited the Shenzhen Water Regulation Institute and held work talks. During the meeting, they mentioned some problems that existed before the handover of the Shuangjie River project. On February 8, Vice President Wang Jian immediately led the relevant professional designers to conduct on-site investigations and inspections. During this period, they communicated in detail with the person in charge of the Operation and Maintenance Department of the River Management Center and analyzed and responded to their questions one by one. .



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