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    Shenzhen Water Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. ("Shenzhen Water Regulation Institute") formally transferred Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. in 2009 and successfully completed the mixed ownership reform in 2017. Three strategic investors were introduced and the management was also implemented Shareholding with core staff and become the first mixed-ownership enterprise in water and water design and consulting industry in China.

    Shenzhen Water Regulatory Bureau main business of water and municipal water supply and drainage engineering planning survey design, holding water conservancy industry design, municipal industry (water supply and drainage) professional design, engineering survey comprehensive category, engineering mapping, engineering consulting, water resources demonstration 6 Grade A and water and soil conservation program preparation of four-star qualification, at the same time with landscape architecture design, construction design, hydroelectric power engineering design, hydrology and water resources survey evaluation, pollution control facilities operation service ability assessment of six B qualification certificates, Won the first batch of full-process engineering consulting pilot enterprises in Guangdong Province.

    Shenzhen Water Regulation Institute adheres to forward-looking water research and technological innovation, and has seven major disciplines in hydrology and water resources, flood prevention and control, comprehensive management of rivers and lakes, municipal water supply and drainage, soil and water conservation, engineering survey and surveying (geotechnical) and water information technology. The field forms the core technological advantage.

    Shenzhen Water Regulatory Bureau took the lead in China to propose "systematically solving the problem of urban water". In particular, it has formed its own specialties and expertise in the fields of water resources supply and water environment comprehensive management, and successfully shaped the water diversion and water allocation in the eastern part of Shenzhen and the system-wide water resources allocation Water resources series projects; First to complete waters in Futian River, Dingshan River, Houhai Central River, Qianhai City, Dajiagang Water System, World Bank Loan, Guangxi Hezhou Water Environment Treatment and Urban Development, etc. Environmental management project, and won the National Dayu Award, Luban Award, China River Award, Water Science and Technology Progress Award and other major awards. At present, there is also a post-doctoral innovation practice base and research and development center, which has a number of independent intellectual property rights and invention patents. The Shenzhen Water Regulation Institute is a “national high-tech enterprise” and an AAA credit rating company.

    Shenzhen Water Regulation Institute currently has more than 820 employees. More than 90% have bachelor degree or above and have professional titles at all levels, 30% have senior engineer titles, and about 200 have registered engineer qualifications.

    Shenzhen Water Regulatory Institute is headquartered in the economy and conducts business in a number of provinces and cities. It has grown into a national design company consisting of a Shenzhen headquarters, 19 branches, and 2 subsidiaries. It actively promotes Shenzhen’s advanced Water treatment concepts and experience in the water conservancy planning and design industry to build a "Shenzhen hospital" platform, creating a "Shenzhen hospital" brand. Companies operating efficiency is good, for many years included Luohu District, Shenzhen tax "top 100 enterprises!"

    At present, with innovative ideas and technology as the support, cross-border integration as a breakthrough; to create first-class boutique design, implementation of green infrastructure for the Shenzhen Water Institute's tireless pursuit of the goal. We firmly believe that innovation is the soul of design, we "specialize in water, special water," the design of a vitality of the art boutique, brave the leader of the urban water planning and design industry!


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    12 floor, Hong Tao mansion, No. 3097, Baoan South Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen

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